Monday, October 31, 2011

Short trip to Chilka Lake

Visited Chilka Lake for a short duration on October 7th 2011 to 9th October 2011.

Went around in a boat during sunset and before sunrise to see the beautiful coulours in the sky and its reflections in the water. The fishing boats provide lovely silhouettes and I must say the Chilka lake is a photographer's delight!

On the way back we visited the Ma Kalijai island and had a sumptuous breakfast of hot puri-sabzi there :) And as usual had a delicious lunch consisting of crabs, prawns and chicken curry in Chilka dhaba. This dhaba had featured in an episode of the popular TV show "Highway on my plate" and really is worth it!
People visiting Chilka Lake should at least try the Chilka Dhaba for authentic dhaba food.

Posting some shots from the Chilka Lake :

The boatman

The singer

The blue waters of the Chilka

Jewels in the water


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  1. Awesome photography!!