Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip to BR Hills and Somnathpur

It was on a Friday that I decided to make a quick weekend trip to BR Hills and Somnathpur.

BR Hills is a small hill station about 320 kms from Bangalore

Called up my friend Raghavendra who also agreed to come along with us.

So one Saturday morning, we started towards BR Hills. The route we took was through Kanakapura road->Mallavalli->Kollegal->BR Hills. The roads were awesome and the best part of driving in Kanakapura road are the lush green forests with the towering hills far away in the horizon. Amazing landscape!

On reaching BR hills we found the climate getting chillier by the moment. We travelled 24 kms through the forests and reached the JLR resorts. I had read reviews the JLR organized for jungle safaris which is pretty good adventure. But to our bad luck, we found the JLR resorts to be full and did not get any room there.

Decided to head back to BR hills and find some accomodation there. Went to the temple and did the darshan. On the way back had veg lunch at a small hotel. The simple veg meal was extremely tasty and we gorged on it happily. We asked in the hotel for an accomodation and they provided us with a small room with basic ammenities. We accepted that and went to the sunset point to shoot some photos.

Next day we visited Somnathpur temple while coming back to Bangalore. The trip was a short and sweet one. But if I have to go back again, this time I will book the rooms in JLR resorts prior to going since staying there deep inside the forests and going on their jungle safaris is an unique adventure in itself.

Some photos from the trip :

After sunset at BR Hills

Wifey in good mood

The forest

Posing as silhouettes


The valley

Lotus Lake at BR Hills

Lotus lake during sunset


Myself and Sudhindra

Raghavendra and Sudhindra

The forest


Somnathpur temple

Deity inside Somnathpur temple

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  1. thanks for your blog post i went to bandipur national park with my parents really it was amazing in that forest we all

    enjoyed a lot and we stayed inBR Hills Resorts it was very good to stay i wish to vist again and stay there